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Doing Research Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

East Tennessee Center for Clinical Research (ETCCR) has conducted more than 100 research studies in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies. Every day, research uncovers new information. It is the foundation for drug and medical device approvals by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our commitment is to provide a quality service while advancing medical technology. We are staffed by full-time board certified physicians who are experienced research investigators, complimented by dedicated research coordinators and support staff.

Choosing to volunteer for a research study is an important personal decision. We invite you to learn more about how you can be a participant. The following frequently asked questions provide an introduction to the clinical research process:

What are clinical research studies and why are they important?

Clinical research studies are supervised evaluations of an investigational medication and/or medical device to determine its safety and effectiveness as a treatment for a specific disease or condition. Research is an important step in the development of medical therapies – therapies that may offer better treatments or even cures for a broad range of health problems.

Why participate in clinical research studies?

Participants can play an active role in health care and gain access to new investigational treatments. Medical insurance coverage is not a requirement and participants receive study-related medical care, testing and study medication at no charge.

Who can participate in clinical research studies?

Adults, teenagers and children with the conditions being studied can participate in research studies. Each study has specific requirements. The investigator conducting the study will review each participant’s medical history and the study requirements to determine who is eligible.

What is informed consent?

An informed consent is a document that describes all study procedures, possible risks, side effects, benefits and alternative treatments. Before participants sign an informed consent, they are given an opportunity to have all of their questions answered by either an investigator or clinical research staff member. Even after signing the informed consent, participants may leave the study at any time.

How can I volunteer for a research study?

If you would like to participate or receive more information, you may contact ETCCR at (865) 212-4490 or click here to email a member of our staff and they will contact you.

For more information on clinical
research visit:

www.fda.gov | www.clinicaltrials.com | www.centerwatch.com

Follow ETCCR on Twitter Visit www.allergyasc.com

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